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portrait, sculpture, relief
Oh! Canada


Arts… politics… outer space… Canada has produced some larger-than-life personalities who have shaped our culture and our world.


Oh! Canada is a series of clay portraits -- sculptures that are designed to ignite a conversation about who we are and how we’ve arrived as Canadians.


Whether they are inspiring, thought provoking, visionary, entertaining or just plain “out there”, the personalities in this collection were chosen for their distinctive looks, their distinctive mark on Canadian society, and/or their international distinction.

portrait, sculpture, commission
portrait, sculpture,
Commissioned Portraits in Clay


I do custom portraits: sculpture  in clay that is produced in cold-cast bronze. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, retirement, memorials -- I work  from photographs and consult with the subject or his/her family.



Sculpting from a model informs my work. It is a source of inspiration and continual growth. The sampling of figures in this collection are a combination of the reality I see and the imagination I bring to every piece.



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